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  • customer challenges

    • Fragmented customer view due to siloed systems Increase campaign response rates.

    • Limited sales pipeline visibility with time lag to take timely actions.

    • Lengthy call handling due to multi-system hopping.

    • Accurate and timely data for reporting and decision making.

  • solutions provided

    • Actionable customer 360° view

      • Intelligent and comprehensive customer profile on a single screen by fetching data from multiple systems through Banking CRM.
      • Centralized platform for all information including product holdings, data from transaction systems, interactions, past cases, solutions etc. enable higher resolutions rates on first contact.
      • Executives have access to real-time intelligence at the point of interaction.
    • Integration with multiple systems

      • Seamlessly integrated with multiple platforms like FCC (corebanking), Electra (card management), OmniDocs (LOS) etc. that reduced application hopping.
      • Smart CTI integration, system assisted journeys based on type of query, complain or request and automated tagging of related solutions to eliminate hopping between multiple systems and close calls at first interaction from a single platform.
    • Campaign Execution with CRM for Bank

      • Quick and easy creation of campaigns and events with budgets and tracking of execution with automated approval process based on pre-defined checklist.
      • Sharing of campaigns with nearby branches and sales teams directly through calendars and joint participation.
      • By recording account details within the system, RMs can build rich, detailed profile and history that lays the foundation for a more meaningful, long-term business relationship.
      • Integrated with 3rd party profiling sites for ready, verified customer information.
      • Significantly increased RM activities undertaken.
    • Real-time performance measurement

      • Automated SLA matrix with internal and external SLAs based on multiple criteria to ensure 100% compliance.
      • Catalyst Performance Modelerâ„¢ enabled smart planning and review of RM activities from a single screen, with roll-up capability on basis of hierarchies & teams. Creating plans and setting targets based on multiple parameters like no. of accounts, customer mix, product mix, users, territories etc.
      • Real time visibility of opportunity, pipeline, forecasting & conversions.
      • Develop timely course correction strategies to ensure target achievement.
  • The Results realized

    • 250% Increase in first time resolution rates

    • 80% Improvement in straight-through-processing

    • 28% Reduction in operating expenses

    • 30% Improvement in asset under management

    • 70% Improvement in service TAT

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